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Antoinette said...

I just ran across this page as I've been suffering from intrusive thoughts about hurting my kids. They are devastating and made me so depressed I didn't want to live. Do you get those? I feel so alone.

OCD Anonymous said...

Hello Antoinette,

I didn't suffer intrusive thoughts of that particular kind but I do know how upsetting they can be.

Cognitive behavioural therapy has taught me that all thoughts are exactly that, just thoughts. They do not mean that you are going to act upon them, in fact, the distress that they are causing you helps to exemplify how much you care for your children's welfare.

Intrusive thoughts are an indication that you are in fact suffering from OCD. Do you perform compulsions, routines or behaviours to try to cancel out these thoughts? These can manifest themselves in a variety of ways such as repetitive behaviours, silent prayers, avoidance of things, and many, many others.

I suggest that you contact your doctor to recommend you for a course of cognitive behavioural therapy which has the best results for treating OCD related behaviour. I did this and feel 1000 times better than I did only a few short months ago.

Please try to not blame yourself for thinking these things. Everybody, absolutely everybody, has intrusive thoughts but it is how we as OCD sufferers process these thoughts, and the significance that we place upon them, that causes so much distress. Cognitive behavioural therapy will help you to look at your thoughts in a completely different way and will test the significance that you place upon them.

I recommend that you buy the book Break Free from OCD: Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBT from Amazon or a decent bookstore -

I used it and it helped explain many of the things that I was going through and how to overcome them.

Also, writing a blog may help to alleviate some of the stress and connect with others who are going through similar experiences. Reading their posts and them reading yours is very theraputic, and the blog writing OCD community is very understanding and supportive to each other.

I wish you every success in your fight with OCD - Be strong and you will make steady progress but remember, therapy is the key to making that progress.

Best wishes - OCD Anonymous x